Objective, Mission & Vision Back

During International Women Year 1975, the constrains and obstacle in the area of women development were identified and various measures were exercised to address the same. As a part of this movement, Gujarat Women Economic Development Corporation Ltd. was established in March-1981.

The objectives behind establishing the corporation are

(1) To create various venues of economic activities and make the women of Gujarat earn income for their better livelihood.

(2) To plan, encourage and co-ordinate different activities in the field of economic development of women.

(3) To create awareness amongst deprived women of the state and bring them into mainstream and make they economically and socially sound so that they also may contribute to the development of the state.

Women of India have conventionally been engaged in doing house hold work and looking after the comforts and well-being of the family. The corporation plays a vital role in creating awareness in such women mass and content them to suitable economic activities.

In the process, the Corporation has developed various training modules in different trades and a massive training activity is carried out throughout the year in the state. The Corporation has also identified as many as 217 different economic activities either in manufacturing or in service sectors. The women applicant can choose any of these and apply for our bankable finance scheme “Ghar-Divada” in which they get a finance up to Rs.50,000/- through Nationalized Banks, including a subsidy ranging between Rs.7,500/- to Rs.12,500/-.

Above this, the Corporations organizes “Exhibition-cum-Sale” within and outside state and also help market the articles and goods manufactured by our trained women. This has given ample opportunity to the women entrepreneurs and they have achieved remarkable Sales and Good will in their respective fields.

And last but not the least, the Corporation organizes “Mahila Samelans“ and “Mahila Shibirs” in order to provide a forum to discuss and share issues related to women development, women health and women social and economic security. These events are chaired by eminent personalities and dignified competent speakers. Hon'ble Chief Minister chairs and addresses the "Mahila Samleans".

The Corporation has a large number of field Officers and Support Staff supervised by the Managing Director and blessed by the Chair person.

In real Terms the Gujarat Women Economic Development Corporation is a “true destination" for women development.